What went down at Epicor Insights 2019 in Las Vegas

Epicor Insights 2019 held in Las Vegas concluded last week. The event ran from April 15-18, 2019 at the Mandalay Bay.

For those of you that missed the event, don´t worry we´ll give you a run down of what happened during that 4-day event. For those of you that were there, we hope you made it back to your homes safely. Enjoy reading below and reminiscing!

  • 4,000 strong attendance this year
    It was such a great experience walking into that grand ballroom with 4,000 people in it. Prospects, existing customers, alliance partners, channel partners, consultants, and Epicor employees were all in attendance to network, sell, and have fun! It was fun to witness prospects talk to customers about their experience and it was great to also listen to the customers voice out their honest feedback on their experiences. Things like this make Insights an awesome event to attend.

    It was also a great opportunity to talk to the management team of Epicor that can be visibly seen walking around the session halls and the solutions pavilion.

  • Amazing Keynote session
    This year´s keynote speaker was Howard Schultz- the CEO and Chairman of Starbucks. He led a performance-driven company through the lens of humanity.

    He is credited for growing Starbucks from just 3 stores in 1 location to now 30,000 stores in 77 countries. He shared inspiring stories about his humble beginnings and he shared a great story about how Bill Gates Sr. helped him reach his dream when he was only a young man.

    Some of you might not agree with this but we honestly think it was one of the best keynote sessions by far!

  • Flo Rida was a real entertainer
    Honestly, we had very little clue about who Flo Rida is so like any reasonable human being – we googled and we spotified! We then started to hear some familiar songs that we had no idea he sang or he collaborated with other artists.

    Long story short – during the private concert on April 17, we were pleasantly surprised. First, because we knew a lot more songs than we had expected. Second, he was such a great entertainer! He called on several people to go on stage and sing & dance with him and he went down the stage to come face to face with those people who were there enjoying the concert. It was fun! Not to mention, there was an open bar 😉


  • Denise Ballinger looked fabulous as always
    For those of you who do not know Denise Ballinger – she is an Epicor ERP 10 and Epicor Financial Planner customer who is a Rockstar in her own right. She is ALWAYS immaculately dressed and she is always so happy and positive to be around with.

    This year, we are happy to report she did not disappoint! Outfit on point and her 2 speaking sessions were a hit (despite the fact 1 of them was held at 8:00 in the morning day after the late night concert!)

  • Booth 104 was crazy busy
    This event has been such a success for Epicor Financial Planner. Since the day the solutions pavilion opened, booth 104 (EFP booth) has not been vacant! There was a constant flow of traffic from controllers, finance managers, accountants, ERP project managers, IT managers, and Epicor consultants.

    In a way, that traffic was a testament to the great work the EFP team has put in the last couple of years leading up to this year´s Insights.

    EFP is now in the cloud in line with Epicor´s vision of moving to the cloud and even better than that, EFP has modernized and improved its offering. EFP has focused a lot on working towards becoming the reporting and budgeting software of choice across industries.

    Now, a week after the event, the requests for 30-day trials and online demos have poured in. The EFP team is very busy but happy and not complaining at all.

    The EFP team would like to thank our customers who were there to attest to how happy they are with EFP, the prospects who visited and spent time to learn about EFP, and to the consultants and account managers who eagerly assisted and answered the inquiries of those excited to look into EFP.

    If you want to ask for the PPT presentation of Denise or Håkan or if you want a demo of EFP, please email info@dspanel.com or visit www.dsp.se.

    Thank you once again and see you at next year´s Insights in Nashville


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