Epicor Financial Planner

A complete and functioning FP&A solution in under 5 minutes

Epicor Financial Planner (EFP) brings you a complete and reliable FP&A solution that can be installed in under 5 minutes. To ensure your business can react promptly and effectively to market stressors, EFP offers your organization a faster, better, and smarter way of doing financial planning & analysis that does not take away too much time from your financial team.

Upon installation, you get out-of-the-box actuals, budgets, and live forecasts. Budget reports are now also done in just minutes.

This revolutionary cloud FP&A solution is true to its promise of taking FP&A to the internet world.

“The process which used to take at least a week to implement and get things set-up because of the inherent back and forth process of financial planning and analysis is now done in 5 minutes. That is just one of the many magical things I saw.”
Scott Hays
“If you have ever worked with financial planning and analysis before, I guarantee you will love this tool.”
Jan Morath
CEO, DSPanel

Familiar Excel Interface

MS Excel is used just as a user interface because we know that you and other finance personnel are used to working in excel. We give you something familiar to work with so that you won´t have to feel like you are starting from scratch with a new tool.

With EFP´s MS Excel UI, you won´t have to deal with the problem of your data ending up in these excel spreadsheets because all the data go back to the database for storage. No more frustrating excel spreadsheet errors in your financial planning process. Just something familiar in a truly new and revolutionary way of doing financial planning and analysis.

Workflow Fit for Modern Financial Planning & Analysis

EFP takes the word intuitive to a new level. EFP comes with a well thought through workflow designed to make working simpler and better for finance people.

For example, if you or any of your colleagues make changes to one of your 100-line items in the budget, the approver gets a notification that these changes were made with a highlight of the cells where changes were made. It will then ask your approver or budget responsible to verify that these changes are correct and valid before approval.

No more emailing back and forth explaining what you did, it is all now visibly seen complete with notations or commentaries on the side significantly shortening and improving the quality of the process.

Consulting Optional

One of the hidden costs of implementing an FP&A solution is the consulting that goes along with implementing it. EFP has tried to remove that problem by not only making installation quick and easy, it boasts of an implementation where consulting is totally optional.

When you make a commitment to implement EFP, EFP also commits to ensuring that you spend as little money as possible on implementing and making it work because once you install EFP, in just a few minutes you will have a functioning FP&A solution. No qualms.

EFP even offers free e-education packages to make learning the tool fast and easy.

User types designed to fit the way you work

Do you need specific people to access the FP&A solution a few times a year? Do you want them to see only certain information that concerns their line of work? 

EFP now offers user types that can suit the way your organization and people work. EFP offers role-based security access making sure people see only what they are supposed to see. 

There are now “lite” versions of the different user types as well so that the solution can better suit your organization’s way of working. Whether you need you or your people to access EFP daily or once a year, there are user types designed to suit your needs.

The platform that ties all your technology investments together

One of EFP´s strongest capability is its integration. EFP offers you and your organization a smooth flow of information across systems because it can integrate with your ERP system or any of your line of business systems.

With EFP, you are afforded a single source of verifiable information across the organization and you can be guaranteed that all your previous technology investments will be maximized as EFP ties all of these systems seamlessly giving you an FP&A process that is accurate, reliable, and auditable.

Cloud, Quick Install, Optional Consulting, Smart Workflow, Reasonable Pricing

If this way of working with FP&A is not revolutionary, we don´t know what is.

See EFP in Action.