Epicor Financial Planner 2017

Epicor Financial Planner

Welcome to the new Epicor Financial Planner portal. A place where you can see the latest updates, product information, case studies, and frequently asked questions. This space is intended for you who is considering to purchase EFP as a reporting, budgeting, forecasting or consolidation supplement to your ERP system – whether you run on iScala, Epicor ERP 9 or 10, Epicor Enterprise or in combination with another non-Epicor system. It is also for you – our valued EFP customer that wants to know more about upgrade opportunities for EFP.

2017 will see a lot of developments and upgrades on the solution. Today, the EFP team is sending out letters to existing customers and potential customers asking them how they want EFP to work, what features they would like to see added, and what improvements they would like to see on the UI side of things.

The team behind EFP is determined to listen to the needs and wants of the customers in order to integrate all these into the solution. You can be guaranteed that the EFP team will work even harder to make your business keep up with the needs of the times.

To see an online demo of EFP today, email info@dspanel.com or fill out the form below. Please feel free to leave a message as well if there are features that you think must be included in the next product release.

Enjoy this portal and we hope to do business with you soon!


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