Project Accounting

Financial Reporting Solution for the 2019 Accounting Standard Update

By now you must have heard of FASB – 842. This is the latest accounting standard update that is now implemented by publicly held companies while privately held ones still have until December 15, 2019 to comply. As with any … Read More

fp&a professionals

4 In-demand Skills of FP&A Professionals

The world of financial planning and analysis has drastically changed in the last decade. Gone are the days when FP&A professionals were considered record keepers or controllers. Today, FP&A professionals are regarded as partners for change. Together with the CFO, … Read More

Activity Cost Control

The Challenge of Forecasting for Activity Cost Control

For many businesses, the execution of projects demands procedures for project control and record keeping both for the project managers and all other members of the project. This simply means tracking of all the financial components of a project such … Read More