The Challenge of Creating Visually Engaging Management Reports through Focus

In an era of short attention span and decision fatigue, it is important for financial reports to be clear, simplified, and relevant. These financial reports must be short enough for people to want to read it but comprehensive enough for … Read More

The Next Recession is just around the corner: Is your business ready?

It has been 10 years since the financial crisis in 2008. We have been enjoying an environment of low interest rates and high economic growth. However, speculations are rife that the next recession is just around the corner. Some economists … Read More

Live Forecasting

The Latest Trend in Finance: Live Forecasting

By now you must have heard or read about rolling forecasting and how it promises to improve the level of accuracy of your organization´s financial forecasting. However, rolling forecasting is old news. There is a new best practice these days … Read More

Rolling Forecasts

Rolling Forecasts in EFP

Talk to any software vendor and the word agility or flexibility gets thrown your way quickly. Understandably so, it is because many organizations want to stay ahead of their competition and remain constantly relevant in the market. Many believe that … Read More

Financial Planning

Financial Planning in an Extending Business Model

Growth is every business´ aspiration and this growth can mean different things to different people. For some, growth means increase in revenue. For others, it can be growth in terms of headcount or process complexity. One would think that finance … Read More

The 10 Evaluation Criteria for Choosing A Financial Planning and Reporting Software

The year 2017 is swiftly coming to an end and this year the message echoed in all of the CFO symposiums and forum globally is clear – the role of CFOs in their respective organizations is evolving. The expectation for … Read More

Budgeting is not Forecasting

Do you truly know the difference between budgeting and forecasting? Or do you think they are one and the same? Budgeting has long been criticized by many to be an exercise that is a complete waste of staff time and … Read More

Budgeting and Planning

5 Simple Steps to Improve Budgeting and Planning Process

Budgeting and planning is a tedious and time consuming process. Some enjoy it, many dread it but regardless of how one feels about all the tasks associated with budgeting and planning, this process is considered the foundation for continued improvement … Read More

Budgeting and Planning

3 Critical Steps to Improve Enterprise-Wide Budgeting and Planning

Financial budgeting and planning helps businesses understand how its current activities can help the organization achieve its long-term goals. Through the budgeting and planning process, a business is able to allocate its resources to aid in the attainment of its … Read More

Data-driven Decision Making

Four Factors Affecting Successful Data-Driven Decision Making

Many businesses are jumping into the bandwagon of data-driven decision making. This comes of course as no surprise as we use data these days to make decisions in our daily lives. We look at government statistics of the short term … Read More