Join Us this Epicor Insights – 2 Upcoming EFP Sessions this April 18, 2019.

Epicor Insights 2019 is here and we would like to invite everyone who is attending the event to visit our EFP sessions this April 18, 2019. Denise Ballinger – the Senior Project Manager at Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc will talk … Read More

CBN will talk about EFP as a Reporting Tool at Insights 2019

Denise Ballinger – the Senior Project Manager at Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc will attend Epicor Insights 2019 and talk about their migration experience from FRx to Epicor Financial Planner (EFP). She will share the details behind why they chose EFP … Read More

A Shiny software is NOT always the answer

There is one message technology vendors try to spread – technology is the answer.  Today, people treat technology like some kind of magic pill that can bring about freed capacity, increased productivity, increased efficiency, and in general improved well-being. Take … Read More

Cloud EFP is AICPA 2 Compliant!

If you are looking to implement a new reporting or budgeting software this year, you are most likely focused on which features and capabilities you think suit your company the best and what the price structure looks like. Rightly so, … Read More

5 Questions You Need to Ask to Improve your Management Reports

Like any finance professional, as you read this article you probably are very busy either doing your year end audit or preparing requested management reports. As you may also be aware of, the relevance and usefulness of these management reports … Read More

How to Avoid Mistakes in Financial Reporting

There are a lot of challenges facing financial reporting professionals – change in accounting standards, political volatility, trade rows, emergence of new and more aggressive competitions are but a few. The year has just started and to help those whose … Read More

bi trends 2019

What´s Trending for BI in 2019?

Businesses do not shy away from showcasing their intent to be more data-centric and this has significant impact on operations, finance, IT, sales, and marketing among others. With businesses wanting to press every drop of insight they can with the … Read More

Finance team

Is Your Finance team Moving Fast Enough to Meet Business Demands?

There has never been such a time of great pressure to the finance teams as we do today. Finance teams are not only expected to comb through massive amounts of data daily, they are expected to do it promptly, to … Read More

How Using Epicor Financial Planner Daily Keeps Your CFO Happy

FP&A complexity, high market volatility, and aggressive competition are few of the many reasons why your CFO is stressed out today. Your CFO is expected not only to respond swiftly and effectively to market stressors, he or she is also … Read More

The Next Recession is just around the corner: Is your business ready?

It has been 10 years since the financial crisis in 2008. We have been enjoying an environment of low interest rates and high economic growth. However, speculations are rife that the next recession is just around the corner. Some economists … Read More