EFP Tips

EFP Beyond Just Financial Budget Planning

It is no secret that EFP is a robust tool for income statements, balance sheets, and for cash flow statements. However, for those that are not aware – there is more to Epicor Financial Planner than meets the eye. Most … Read More

“I have an ERP System. Why do I still need EFP?”

We get asked the question every now and then why EFP is still needed when their ERP system can consolidate their financial data, automate entries, and perform reconciliations. True enough, ERP systems have a way of consolidating financial master data … Read More

Epicor Financial Planner

Real life Benefit Examples of Epicor Financial Planner to Epicor Customers

Epicor as a company believes in accelerating its customers´ business growth through a simplified approach to technology guided by how they work and what they want to achieve. Epicor offers various ERP options for its customers such as Epicor ERP, … Read More

epicor financial planner

5 Key Facts About Epicor Financial Planner

Epicor Financial Planner is a complete FP&A solution that can be installed in 5 minutes. It simplifies and improves your FP&A processes by introducing a solution that is easy to install, configure, extend, and maintain. Below are the 5 key … Read More

epicor financial planner important points explained

Epicor Financial Planner (EFP) Important Points Explained

If you or your organization has been looking around for an FP&A solution, chances are someone has mentioned Epicor Financial Planner to you. Now we understand you might have questions so we created this short article to explain a few … Read More


The Big EFP Surprise at Insights 2018

For months, the Epicor Financial Planner team has worked hard to bring the EFP product to greater heights. The team wanted a product so revolutionary, it will make finance teams question their current FP&A process and solution. So what happened … Read More

Epicor Financial Planner Misconceptions

5 Misconceptions of Epicor Financial Planner Debunked

Epicor Financial Planner (EFP) continues to gain the trust of many CFOs and finance analysts across industries. That said, there are still several decision makers out there that are hesitant and confused about which solution works best for their organization´s … Read More

7 Most Common EFP Questions Answered

If you have been looking for a reporting or budgeting solution in the past couple of years or even recently, chances are you have heard about Epicor Financial Planner either from your CAM, your trusted consultant, your fellow accountant from … Read More

ERP Implementation

5 Tips to Ensure a Successful EFP Implementation

All too often you hear of many software implementations that start out well but ends in a disaster. This implementation could be an ERP implementation, an implementation for a newly purchased reporting solution or an implementation for a budgeting solution … Read More