EFP Product Updates

Cloud EFP is AICPA 2 Compliant!

If you are looking to implement a new reporting or budgeting software this year, you are most likely focused on which features and capabilities you think suit your company the best and what the price structure looks like. Rightly so, … Read More

Epicor Financial Planner

Real life Benefit Examples of Epicor Financial Planner to Epicor Customers

Epicor as a company believes in accelerating its customers´ business growth through a simplified approach to technology guided by how they work and what they want to achieve. Epicor offers various ERP options for its customers such as Epicor ERP, … Read More

epicor financial planner important points explained

Epicor Financial Planner (EFP) Important Points Explained

If you or your organization has been looking around for an FP&A solution, chances are someone has mentioned Epicor Financial Planner to you. Now we understand you might have questions so we created this short article to explain a few … Read More

Epicor Financial Planner

Epicor Financial Planner: You Requested, We Listened

What´s new and exciting in EFP´s latest 1.4 release? More and more customers are enjoying the benefits of having Epicor Financial Planner as a unified reporting and budgeting solution. During the initial stages of the implementation of EFP, it is … Read More