CBN will talk about EFP as a Reporting Tool at Insights 2019

Denise Ballinger – the Senior Project Manager at Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc will attend Epicor Insights 2019 and talk about their migration experience from FRx to Epicor Financial Planner (EFP). She will share the details behind why they chose EFP … Read More

Reporting and Budgeting as a Service for a Faster Close in 2019

For two decades now, Epicor Financial Planner (EFP) has been helping businesses extract critical business insights from their data. EFP rises to the challenge of most companies which is to support the aggressive and global nature of business growth while … Read More

reporting or budgeting system

Disappointed with Your New Reporting or Budgeting System?

It is not difficult to convince CFOs or Finance Managers these days to invest in a new reporting or budgeting system. Almost everyone is convinced their entire budgeting and reporting process could use drastic improvements in order to send invoices … Read More

Budget Process

9 Characteristics of a Good Budget Process

There is a wealth of information online explaining why finance departments must move away from doing reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidating in Excel spreadsheets. There are of course many different reasons of why moving away from spreadsheets is a good … Read More

Cloud-Based Budgeting Applications

Why Cloud-Based Budgeting Applications Are Now the Deployment of Choice for Organizations

Most solutions and programs operate in the cloud now. It wasn´t too long ago when many organizations had serious concerns about working in the cloud. To be fair, they were valid concerns. In the finance world, the shift to the … Read More

Driver-based Budgeting

Why Driver-based Budgeting is a Welcome Change

Anyone that has had the experience of doing traditional budgeting and forecasting annually knows it is an unnecessarily painful process. There are a number of issues that arise during the process and the outputs quickly become irrelevant when too much … Read More

Budgeting is not Forecasting

Do you truly know the difference between budgeting and forecasting? Or do you think they are one and the same? Budgeting has long been criticized by many to be an exercise that is a complete waste of staff time and … Read More

Hybrid Excel and Server-based Budgeting Solution

Why a Hybrid Excel and Server-based Budgeting solution wins against purely Excel-based budgeting tool

These days, many CFOs and finance managers are aware that they need to improve and modernize the way they report and budget. This is the reason why they spend a considerable amount of time choosing the right solution for their … Read More

Budgeting and Planning

5 Simple Steps to Improve Budgeting and Planning Process

Budgeting and planning is a tedious and time consuming process. Some enjoy it, many dread it but regardless of how one feels about all the tasks associated with budgeting and planning, this process is considered the foundation for continued improvement … Read More

Budget Criticisms

Proven and Tested Remedies to Budget Criticisms

Budgets have long been controversial because while they are known to offer advantages to the decision making process of the company, preparing and ensuring they are relevant is onerous. There is a wealth of write-ups on criticisms of budgets in … Read More