EFP´s Less Understood Space within Epicor Reporting & Analytics

In the last couple of months, we have heard comments from some prospects saying “I didn´t know EFP did reporting. I thought it was only for budgeting and planning until our consultants kept recommending it to us.” This somehow makes … Read More

The Challenge of Creating Visually Engaging Management Reports through Focus

In an era of short attention span and decision fatigue, it is important for financial reports to be clear, simplified, and relevant. These financial reports must be short enough for people to want to read it but comprehensive enough for … Read More

Epicor Financial Planner Successfully Joined Epicor Customer Day in Sweden and Finland

Epicor held two customer days in the Scandinavian region as a show of commitment to its Scandinavian customer base that it is committed to delivering quality solutions. The Customer day in Stockholm Sweden was held at Scandic Continental Hotel on … Read More

Epicor Financial Planner Visits Stockholm, Helsinki, and Birmingham to bring the FP&A Improvement Discussion Closer to Your Home

Epicor Financial Planner is a complete and cloud-based budgeting and planning, reporting & analysis, and financial consolidation solution that has native integration with Epicor E9 and 10, Epicor iScala, Epicor Enterprise, and Prophet 21. As a testament to Epicor Financial … Read More

Honest Take on Implementing New FP&A technology by CEO – Jan Morath

Are you currently evaluating different budgeting and reporting solutions? Are you anxious about what might go wrong during deployments? Meet the CEO behind Epicor Financial Planner – Jan Morath, as he talks about the FP&A process, cloud option, when to … Read More

What went down at Epicor Insights 2019 in Las Vegas

Epicor Insights 2019 held in Las Vegas concluded last week. The event ran from April 15-18, 2019 at the Mandalay Bay. For those of you that missed the event, don´t worry we´ll give you a run down of what happened … Read More

Join Us this Epicor Insights – 2 Upcoming EFP Sessions this April 18, 2019.

Epicor Insights 2019 is here and we would like to invite everyone who is attending the event to visit our EFP sessions this April 18, 2019. Denise Ballinger – the Senior Project Manager at Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc will talk … Read More

CBN will talk about EFP as a Reporting Tool at Insights 2019

Denise Ballinger – the Senior Project Manager at Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc will attend Epicor Insights 2019 and talk about their migration experience from FRx to Epicor Financial Planner (EFP). She will share the details behind why they chose EFP … Read More

A Shiny software is NOT always the answer

There is one message technology vendors try to spread – technology is the answer.  Today, people treat technology like some kind of magic pill that can bring about freed capacity, increased productivity, increased efficiency, and in general improved well-being. Take … Read More

Cloud EFP is AICPA 2 Compliant!

If you are looking to implement a new reporting or budgeting software this year, you are most likely focused on which features and capabilities you think suit your company the best and what the price structure looks like. Rightly so, … Read More