Is Cloud the right platform for me?

When finance managers and CFOs look for budgeting and reporting solutions in the market, one of the first questions that come to mind is which platform is most appropriate? Should our business have an on-premise solution or is cloud a … Read More

Financial Planning

Financial Planning in an Extending Business Model

Growth is every business´ aspiration and this growth can mean different things to different people. For some, growth means increase in revenue. For others, it can be growth in terms of headcount or process complexity. One would think that finance … Read More

Financial Analysts

How to Not Burn Out Your Finance Analysts this 2018

With the role of the finance departments constantly evolving, there is somehow a silent and unwritten rule that finance departments must provide analytic support to whoever needs it in the organization. In the ideal world, this would work well and … Read More

Top 4 BI Trends in 2018

Just like that 2017 comes to and end and just like always, now is a good time to look at what has happened and to think about what is to come. In 2018, companies will more than ever need better, … Read More

Cloud Reporting

Cloud Reporting with Epicor Financial Planner

Cloud Epicor Financial Planner is an enterprise-level reporting solution that is based upon the capabilities of the on-premise Epicor Financial Planner. Cloud EFP is easily deployed in the cloud whilst providing high performance cloud reporting capabilities. The same robust capabilities … Read More

Cloud Epicor Financial Planner

NEW: Introducing Cloud Epicor Financial Planner

Lost Altos, California, December 6, 2017 – Epicor Financial Planner Cloud service is officially available after years of careful strategy planning, developing, and fine tuning. Cloud EFP is based upon the robust and capable Epicor Financial Planner but built and … Read More

Cloud-Based Budgeting Applications

Why Cloud-Based Budgeting Applications Are Now the Deployment of Choice for Organizations

Most solutions and programs operate in the cloud now. It wasn´t too long ago when many organizations had serious concerns about working in the cloud. To be fair, they were valid concerns. In the finance world, the shift to the … Read More

Driver-based Budgeting

Why Driver-based Budgeting is a Welcome Change

Anyone that has had the experience of doing traditional budgeting and forecasting annually knows it is an unnecessarily painful process. There are a number of issues that arise during the process and the outputs quickly become irrelevant when too much … Read More

The 10 Evaluation Criteria for Choosing A Financial Planning and Reporting Software

The year 2017 is swiftly coming to an end and this year the message echoed in all of the CFO symposiums and forum globally is clear – the role of CFOs in their respective organizations is evolving. The expectation for … Read More

Monitoring Actuals vs Budget Projections in EFP: Why it Matters

Budgets are never set in stone. Instead, they work as guidelines for the entire organization. This is precisely why a budget that is not reviewed is a useless budget. What is the point of your budget if you don´t follow … Read More