3 of the Most Expensive Spreadsheet Mistakes

Companies use Excel spreadsheets on a daily basis. It is heavily relied on by the finance department for their budgeting and reporting process. However, because working on budgets and reports require enterprise-wide collaboration, it means that there are way too … Read More


Epicor Financial Planner has recently introduced new SaaS packages to help you further simplify your organization´s FP&A process. It does so by introducing a cloud solution that is easy to install, configure, extend, and maintain. Now before we go into … Read More

Same Problem, Just Different Month: How to finally end the Monthly Financial Close Struggle

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Best Practices in Variance Analysis

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Rolling Forecasts

Rolling Forecasts in EFP

Talk to any software vendor and the word agility or flexibility gets thrown your way quickly. Understandably so, it is because many organizations want to stay ahead of their competition and remain constantly relevant in the market. Many believe that … Read More

fp&a system

Epicor Financial Planner lanserar ett nytt, intelligent och molnbaserat FP&A system för iScala användare

Epicor Financial Planner(EFP) skriver ett nytt kapitel i FP&As historia. EFP lanserar ett nytt, intelligent och molnbaserat FP&A system för iScala användare med OnPrem Connector. Det innebär att iScala användare som har onpremise system idag, nu kan göra deras FP&A … Read More

fp&a professionals

4 In-demand Skills of FP&A Professionals

The world of financial planning and analysis has drastically changed in the last decade. Gone are the days when FP&A professionals were considered record keepers or controllers. Today, FP&A professionals are regarded as partners for change. Together with the CFO, … Read More

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5 Key Facts About Epicor Financial Planner

Epicor Financial Planner is a complete FP&A solution that can be installed in 5 minutes. It simplifies and improves your FP&A processes by introducing a solution that is easy to install, configure, extend, and maintain. Below are the 5 key … Read More


CFO: The Key to Boosting FP&A Integrity

There is a slight disagreement on who owns the process of financial planning & analysis within an organization. Is it the CEO or is it the CFO? Who should own it in the future? Whatever your stand is on the … Read More

epicor financial planner important points explained

Epicor Financial Planner (EFP) Important Points Explained

If you or your organization has been looking around for an FP&A solution, chances are someone has mentioned Epicor Financial Planner to you. Now we understand you might have questions so we created this short article to explain a few … Read More