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Epicor´s Integrated Cloud-based Accounting Automation

If your business is still spending a significant number of hours manually tracking your financial planning & analysis (FP&A) processes, it is perhaps time to rethink your ways and your use of technology. Spending too much staff time on menial … Read More

Real-time Reporting in Epicor Financial Planner

When talking about financial reporting, we look at two things. One is what is ideal and two is what the reality is. For all companies, the vision is that financial reporting must be simple, easy-to-understand, and visual. Ideally, it should … Read More

Worst-case scenario Accounting Error for Businesses

Process automation today is seen as a way to help businesses steer through changing and complex regulatory requirements as well as bolster transparency and trust in the financial results of the company. Process automation of course is more complex than … Read More

Next Generation Financial Modeling

Financial models were traditionally excel-based tools utilized to forecast a business´ financial performance based on historical data. We speak of it being an excel-based tool in the past tense because over the years, finance departments have grown rather tired of … Read More

Epicor Financial Planner

Real life Benefit Examples of Epicor Financial Planner to Epicor Customers

Epicor as a company believes in accelerating its customers´ business growth through a simplified approach to technology guided by how they work and what they want to achieve. Epicor offers various ERP options for its customers such as Epicor ERP, … Read More

Live Forecasting

The Latest Trend in Finance: Live Forecasting

By now you must have heard or read about rolling forecasting and how it promises to improve the level of accuracy of your organization´s financial forecasting. However, rolling forecasting is old news. There is a new best practice these days … Read More

Excel spreadsheets

3 of the Most Expensive Spreadsheet Mistakes

Companies use Excel spreadsheets on a daily basis. It is heavily relied on by the finance department for their budgeting and reporting process. However, because working on budgets and reports require enterprise-wide collaboration, it means that there are way too … Read More



Epicor Financial Planner has recently introduced new SaaS packages to help you further simplify your organization´s FP&A process. It does so by introducing a cloud solution that is easy to install, configure, extend, and maintain. Now before we go into … Read More

Monthly Financial Close

Same Problem, Just Different Month: How to finally end the Monthly Financial Close Struggle

Monthly financial closing for most businesses is a stressful period. If you are a finance personnel, you know that at the last week of every month, you and your colleagues scramble to pull the numbers together, cross check them for … Read More

Variance Analysis

Best Practices in Variance Analysis

Given the fact that you put in a lot of time and effort into your financial planning, it is but sound that you try to figure out why your actual vs budget results do not match up. Finding out the … Read More