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bi trends 2019

What´s Trending for BI in 2019?

Businesses do not shy away from showcasing their intent to be more data-centric and this has significant impact on operations, finance, IT, sales, and marketing among others. With businesses wanting to press every drop of insight they can with the … Read More

Finance team

Is Your Finance team Moving Fast Enough to Meet Business Demands?

There has never been such a time of great pressure to the finance teams as we do today. Finance teams are not only expected to comb through massive amounts of data daily, they are expected to do it promptly, to … Read More

How Using Epicor Financial Planner Daily Keeps Your CFO Happy

FP&A complexity, high market volatility, and aggressive competition are few of the many reasons why your CFO is stressed out today. Your CFO is expected not only to respond swiftly and effectively to market stressors, he or she is also … Read More

Is your Finance Department Ready for a Financial Cloud Solution?

Arguably all businesses understand that their financial management system is an important factor in the success of their business operations. This was why 20 years ago, many businesses jumped into the ERP bandwagon thinking that without it, they will be … Read More

Cloud FP&A

Successful Epicor Webinars on Cloud FP&A

In the last 7 weeks, Epicor together with its long time alliance partner DSPanel, spearheaded a number of customer webinars that talked about performing financial planning & analysis in the cloud. In May 2018, Epicor was very thrilled to announce … Read More

Driver-based Budgeting

Why Driver-based Budgeting is a Welcome Change

Anyone that has had the experience of doing traditional budgeting and forecasting annually knows it is an unnecessarily painful process. There are a number of issues that arise during the process and the outputs quickly become irrelevant when too much … Read More

The 10 Evaluation Criteria for Choosing A Financial Planning and Reporting Software

The year 2017 is swiftly coming to an end and this year the message echoed in all of the CFO symposiums and forum globally is clear – the role of CFOs in their respective organizations is evolving. The expectation for … Read More

Monitoring Actuals vs Budget Projections in EFP: Why it Matters

Budgets are never set in stone. Instead, they work as guidelines for the entire organization. This is precisely why a budget that is not reviewed is a useless budget. What is the point of your budget if you don´t follow … Read More

Drill down and Drill across

EFP´s Drill down and Drill across Functionality in Reports

If you are a company that constantly reviews transactional and operational information from multiple entities across multiple currencies without the ability to drill/investigate where and how money was spent, you probably have already experienced the pain and frustration this brings. … Read More

Epicor Financial Planner

Epicor Financial Planner in Action: Real Client Scenario 2017

Overview: Sometime last year, a multinational company approached the EFP team. We were notified that this company exercised control through its headquarters in the US. They then assign control of operations to other business units. Each business unit´s financial plan … Read More