A Shiny software is NOT always the answer

There is one message technology vendors try to spread – technology is the answer.  Today, people treat technology like some kind of magic pill that can bring about freed capacity, increased productivity, increased efficiency, and in general improved well-being.

Take the budgeting and reporting process of some organizations, for example; people seem to think that by adapting a new software, their process will magically improve. What they fail to realize is that technology only makes things faster, not better.

You cannot fix a broken process by automating what is broken. You must first start by improving the entire process or optimizing it before actually automating it.

Epicor Financial Planner is a budgeting and reporting software that genuinely believes automation is not the first step if you want to do things right.

If you are coming from a manual budgeting process today done through Excel spreadsheets, you are probably all too familiar with the errors and chaos it brings everytime it is time to budget or forecast or even generate reports. Even worse, when it is time to close books.

Epicor Financial Planner believes that for technology to keep its promise of freed capacity, improved efficiencies, and increased productivity, you must start by looking internally at your processes. What are the bottlenecks right now? What pains do you want technology to address? How do you envision your process to be?

When it comes to improving your reporting and budgeting process, EFP always starts by assessing how you currently do things and in partnership with you, try to identify the bottlencks in the process. Using leading global best practices in FP&A, EFP then recommends ways of streamlining the process.

Once there is a battleplan on structuring how things should be done and a plan on how to correctly apply consistency and standardization throughout the organization, automation then begins.

EFP works holistically to make sure that the plan for improvement makes sense and is sustainable. You can check out this video below to know more about how EFP works or email info@dspanel.com to request an online demo of EFP and request a free 30-day trial.

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