A Complete and Functioning
FP&A Solution in under 5 minutes

A fully automated installation & set up of an FP&A solution in the Cloud


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Cloud-based, Quick Install, Self-Provisioning, Optional Consulting,
Smart Workflow, Reasonable Pricing

Epicor Financial Planner: Revolutionizing FP&A

Epicor Financial Planner brings you a revolutionary change in the way FP&A solutions work.

What used to take days or weeks to implement is now down to 5 minutes with EFP´s new fully automated self-service installation and provisioning.

Epicor Financial Planner is now cloud-based with the ability to connect to on-premise systems. After the 5 minutes self-service installation, you get fully functional actuals, budgets, and live financial forecasts. It is so simple and easy to use, consulting is optional.

Epicor Financial Planner Sneak Peak

You will work in Excel which is a familiar tool for you but all the problems surrounding doing FP&A in Excel are now eliminated because all the data and business rules are stored in the server for optimal system performance.

EFP´s workflow is designed to be pragmatic and practical for everyday use of finance staff like yourself. From making sure you get a comprehensive overview of pending or accomplished tasks to having clearly defined approval workflows, working in the system has never been more intuitive.

EFP has an expand feature that allows you to eliminate the need for creating different reports for various reporting situation. You can simply use the same report and just change the dimensions on it by department. No need for duplication of effort. In addition, its role-based security access ensures you do not need to create different reports for different people because you get to control exactly what others see on the same report.

With EFP, you work with live information where if you make changes you can send it over and get it right away. No need to wait to post it so you can be guaranteed you are always working on the latest version that everyone else is working on.

It is cloud-based and is just an Excel-add on which makes the install very quick and easy. It is also modular which makes extending the tool effortless. EFP is true to its promise of providing a complete and fully functional FP&A solution in just a few minutes.

Organization Alignment 100%
Team Efficiency 100%
Data Accuracy 100%
System Ownership 100%
Financial Control 100%
One of the great things is that in one day - the administrator found errors because the data was looking at the wrong information. That error would have been so hard to find. Epicor Financial Planner really helped us find the errors.
Terri McCracken
Finance Manager, Friendly Society Private Hospital
Report Wizard

Create custom reports using an easy report wizard tool

Drill down to the details and trace your data in real-time
Custom Dashboards

Modify dashboards according to your preferences.
Custom Dashboards

Create your own dashboard views and see the general overview of your finances
MS Excel Interface

The familiar Excel interface makes it comfortable to use. Use Excel with all its functionality.

Epicor Financial Planner in more detail

Price Options

Monthly Yearly


General Ledger Connection Advanced Excel Input Sheets & Reports Advanced Financials - AR, AP Sales Ledger Profitability Analysis

User Access

Admin Budget Report

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What things can you do with Epicor Financial Planner?

In-demand modules

  • General Ledger
  • Reporting with Income Statement & Balance Sheet
  • Drill Down to Real Time Data
  • Consolidation
  • Work Flow
  • Short Term & Long Term Cash Flow
  • Currency Conversion
  • Input Schedules
  • Matching Reports
  • Allocations
  • Consolidated FX Analysis
  • Voucher (Journal) Posting
  • AR/AP
  • Sales & Profitability Addons
  • Custom Models

The Perfect Complement to Your ERP System

Epicor Financial Planner (EFP) is the perfect complement to your current ERP or line of business systems. It has the unparalleled ability to connect and integrate to any system facilitating a smoother flow of information across systems.

The tool brings you a complete FP&A solution that affords your organization drastic improvements in the entire process.

EFP works in a modular way allowing you to choose what type of modules you want to have with the possibility of extending it as your need increases.

With EFP, you can now be assured that as a finance personnel you own and control your budgeting software.

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